Volumnia Capulet
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Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Family Leontes van de Montague (Former lover )

Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet (Son)

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Kanji ヴォルムニア・カプレット
Race Human
Gender Female
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Hair color(s) Brown
Eye color(s) Unknown
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Affiliation(s) Capulet
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First appearance Episode (Act) 17
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Last appearance Episode 22 (Assumedly)
Volumnia Capulet ( ヴォルムニア・カプレット , Vuorumunia Kapuretto ) is Leontes van de Montague's first lover and Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet's mother .

History Edit

Most of Volumnia's life is unknown, but we do know she belongs to the Capulet house. She met and fell in love with Leontes van de Montague, her son, Tybalt, describing it as she was seduced and used by him.      

Unfortunately, when she was pregnant with Tybalt, Leontes left her in favor of marrying Portia Clemenzia de Ebe. She gave birth to Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet, but lost her life during childbirth. For his mother's sake, Tybalt swore to avenge her by killing the Grand Duke of the Montague family, Leontes.     

In episode 22, there is a small flashback of a young Lord Montague (assumingly) meeting Tybalt's mother.     

In Act 17, Tybalt tells Juliet his life's story and motivation to kill Leontes. During it, we learn of Volumnia's passing and receive a flashback to her meeting/falling for Leontes.         

Character Edit

Volumnia passed away during the birth of Tybalt. She isn't mentioned more than in reference to her as Tybalt's mother in the TV series.                  

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