Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Family Leontes van de Montague (father)
Volumnia Capulet (mother)
Romeo Candore De Montague (half-brother)
Juliet Fiamatta Arst de Capulet (relative)
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Kanji ティボルト ・ヴォルムリア・カプレット
Race Human
Gender Male
Age(s) 20
Hair color(s) Black
Eye color(s) Green
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Affiliation(s) Capulet
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Voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu (Japanese)
Mike McFarland (English)
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Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet ( ティボルト ・ヴォルムリア・カプレット , Tiboruto Vu~orumuria Kapuretto ) is a character in the Romeo X Juliet series. He is a mysterious warrior who is later revealed to be the son of Leontes van de Montague . The series depicts Tybalt as a vigilante with an intense hatred for Lord Montague and sympathies aligning with the Capulet faction . Tybalt is the illegitimate son of Leontes van de Montague and Volumnia Capulet who has been seduced by Lord Montague , which makes Tybalt the half-brother of Romeo Candore De Montague. He is shown to be able manipulate the shadows of society easily. He continually tests Juliet's resolve and sends Romeo to chase her after she goes to Escalus who eventually acts as an intermediary between Romeo and Juliet Fiamatta Arst de Capulet. After the death of Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is the last person with "pure" Capulet and Montague blood running in him; he can be considered as the last "pure Capulet and Montague".

It is hinted in the series that he may have a possible crush on Juliet as he finally came face-to-face with Montague instead of killing him, after almost a lifetime of hating him, he controlled his anger (not an easy task either) and instead asked him how to save Juliet. He is also shown to have concern for her well being, but the feelings appear to be more than just that of friendship. This is shown when Juliet admits to him that she is going to die to save the world. As she leaves he calls out to her as if he is struggling to say something else.


Tybalt is based off a character of the same name in the original play. Although in the anime, he is Romeo Candore De Montague's half-brother instead of Juliet Fiamatta Arst de Capulet's maternal cousin like in the play. In the original play, Tybalt is an arrogant, selfish, but loyal ally to the Capulet family, as he is Juliet's maternal cousin and Romeo's sworn rival. He fights and kills Mercutio Marchege before being killed by Romeo, who is enraged and seeking revenge for Mercutio's death.


Tybalt is a handsome mysterious man. When in battle, he is a ruthless assassin using two daggers to fight, usually killing his opponents in one hit without regret. In the play , Tybalt was depicted as a loyal but very hot-headed man in the play . However , in the anime, where he is often calm and collected. The result of Tybalt's death in the original play was due to his lack of self-control over his rivalry with Romeo.

At the end of the series, Tybalt, with no more reason to hate or fight, seems to have become a more easy going and gentle person. He is wearing brighter clothing and was giving a ride to Petruchio's siblings on Cielo , fulfilling Romeo's final promise to Petruchio.

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