The Capulets ( カプレット , Kapuretto ) were a family of nobility that was completely wiped out, save for Juliet and Tybalt, by Leontes van de Montague after he was adopted by the Montagues .

Known members Edit

  • Lord Capulet
  • Lady Capulet
  • Volumnia Capulet ( Leontes van de Montague's first lover and Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet's mother )
  • Juliet Fiamatta Arst de Capulet ( the daughter of the Capulet House, rulers of Neo Verona, but until the Montagues had overthrown her family ; and also Romeo's love interest )
  • Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet ( the illegitimate son of Leontes van de Montague and Volumnia Capulet )
  • Cordelia ( faithful servant of the Capulets and the sister of Francisco )
  • Francisco ( Curio's partner , Cordelia's brother and an avid member of the small rebellion against the Montagues )
  • Curio ( Francisco's counterpart )
  • Conrad ( the rebel leader )
  • Antonio ( grandson of the rebel leader, Conrad )
  • Lancelot ( the local doctor of Neo Verona who is also the doctor of The Red Whirlwind , Juliet )
  • William ( a play writer who owns the theater where that the Capulet use as base, and in which Juliet was brought up as Odin )
  • Willy

Relative Families Edit

  • The Montagues ( a family of nobles that lived in Verona and Capulets's arch-enemies )
  • Romeo Candore De Montague ( the only son of Leontes van de Montague and Portia Clementine and the heir to the throne of Neo Verona ; and also Juliet's love interest )
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