"Act 1- If They Did Not Meet"Romeo X Juliet

Romeo X Juliet

Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time.

Episode no.

Episode 1

Directed by

Fumitoshi Oizaki

Written by

Reiko Yoshida (screenplay) William Shakespeare (story)[1]]

English Staff:

J. Michael Tatum (eps 1-12, 17-20) R Bruce Elliott (8 episodes 'eps 13-16, 21-24')

Original air date Japan:April 4, 2007United States:April 28, 2010
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In a bloody coup d'état against the rulers of Neo Verona, forces led by Montague enter the city's palace during nighttime and massacre members of the Capulet family. Juliet, the toddler daughter of Capulet, however, survives with the help of the palace's guards. She reappears 14 years later masquerading as a young boy named Odin, who disguises himself as the heroic outlaw Red Whirlwind while fighting against the injustices of Montague's soldiers on the streets of Neo Verona. After fleeing a confrontation against the soldiers, Juliet finds herself cornered but is rescued by young noblemen Romeo and Benvolio. Juliet, whose Capulet heritage was hidden from her, expresses to her friend Cordelia the frustration of being required to dress as a boy in public. Cordelia encourages her to remain patient as everything will be revealed the following day on Juliet's 16th birthday. That evening, Juliet is invited by Emilia to join her at the palace's Rose Ball without having to dress as the opposite gender. At the ball, Juliet is revisited by a flashback of her as a toddler standing in the palace, and she encounters Romeo a second time in the palace gardens.


Our story begins fourteen years before the actual story begins. Lord Capulet sees his beloved wife lie dead before his feet. She was killed by Lord Montague. Meanwhile, an infant Juliet and young Cordelia arrive just at the moment Lord Capulet is killed by Lord Montague. Juliet and Cordelia run for their lives but are stopped by Montague's soldiers. They are saved by Conrad. Conrad takes the girls and flees the castle upon a dragon steed. Juliet goes into hiding with the surviving Capulets. She keeps her identety a secret, changes her name to Odin, and wears a wig when she is not home.

Fourteen years later, the Montague family has complete control over Neo Verona. A peasent girl is to be arrested because the soldiers believe she is Lord Capulet's surviving daughter. Suddenly, a knife is thrown by a person who calls himself the Red Whirlwind. Many people assume the Red Whirlwind is a man but it is really Juliet in disguise. She saves the girl from the Montague soldiers and then runs for her life. She gets some assistance from Antonio. Antonio and Juliet run in different directions to distract the guards. She runs right by Cordelia and grabs her. Now Juliet and Cordelia are running for their lives.

Menwhile, Romeo and Benvolio are sitting at a table on the balcony when Romeo sees the scene. Romeo hops onto Cielo, his white Dragon Steed, and goes to help. Benvolio soon follows after him. Eventually, Juliet and Cordelia are cornered by the soldiers. Juliet than falls off but is saved by Romeo. The moment they touch hands, Romeo notices that the Red Whirlwind's hands are very delicate. (Perhaps he already knows it is a girl.) Benvolio takes Cordelia while Romeo takes Juliet and they fly away from the soldiers. They stop in a private setting so that the girls can be allowed to go home. Juliet is is about to walk away when Cordelia convinces her to thank Romeo for saving her life.

Juliet and Cordelia meet up with Antonio shortly after. Cordelia goes home while Juliet and Antonio visit their friend William. William is currently going over a play he wrote when Juliet and Antonio visit. The actress playing is Emila, one of their other friends. (Antonio has no idea that Juliet is really called Juliet. Antonio believes Juliet is a boy named Odin). Juliet and Antonio return home, only to be scolded by Conrad for their behavior. Juliet goes upstairs to her bedroom where she is reunited by Cordelia. Juliet starts to take off her costume when she still remembers and can feel Romeo's hand when he saved her life. Once comfortable, she takes off her wig and we see how long her hair is. Cordelia says that everything will make sense once she turns sixteen.

Romeo is with his father watching soldiers upon dragon steeds. They are accompined by Mercutio. Later, Lady Hermione arrives at the scene. When Romeo and Hermione touch each others hands, Romeo remembers touching Juliet's hand. Romeo goes to join Hermione's company as to not anger his father. Romeo does not love Hermione, but Hermione loves Romeo.

Juliet and Emila get ready for the Rose Ball.

Odin (AKA, Juliet) is at the theater is Antonio. They are dressed as sheep. Benvolio visits Romeo and Romeo confesses to Benvolio that he doesn't love Hermione. Later on, both Romeo and Juliet ask the same question, "What is love and what does it like?" Juliet than pops into Emila's dressing room. Emila is going to the Rose ball and wants her to come with her. (Emila has no idea that Juliet is really a girl. She too believes that her name is Odin). She asks her to dress as a girl so Emila will think that boys will know that she is available. Juliet pretends to not be comfortable as dressing as a girl, but in truth, she loves it. The reason they are able to go the ball is because they were invitied by an older noble man. Unfortunately for Emila, (who left to get something), the noble man takes Juliet only and leaves Emila behind.

Romeo X Juliet

Juliet and the noble man arrive at the palace wearing masks. Juliet is in awe of the palace. Suddenly, she starts to have memories of being in the palace. She becomes uncomortable, and drops her mask and runs into the garden. She sits next to the fountain and their she finds an iris floating in the fountain. Juliet takes the flower from the fountain and sniffs it. Romeo stumbles upon her and asks her if she was okay. This is where they meet each face to face for the first time. It was love at first sight for them. They couldn't take their eyes off of each other.