Romeo Candore De Montague ( ロミオ ・カンドーレ ・モンタギュー  , Romio Kandōre Montagyū ) is the only son of Leontes van de Montague and Portia Clementine and the heir to the throne of Neo Verona. At the start of the series, he is forced into an arranged engagement with Hermione de Borromeo. He is the hero and the deuteragonist of the series.


Romeo Candore de Montague is the only son of both Leontes van de Montague and Portia Clemenzia de Ebe . He is the heir to the throne of Neo Verona. For political reasons, he has been forced into an unwanted engagement with Hermione de Borromeo, a young noblewoman. As a nobleman, he owns a dragon steed named Cielo whom he later freed. He received Cielo as a seventh birthday gift from his mother after she left the castle due to his father's massacre of the Capulets. He has little respect for Montague heritage because of his father's tyranny. He even rejects his name and the way his father reigns over Neo Verona.

He first meets Juliet at the Rose Ball and falls in love at first sight, and through the rest of the series is in love with Juliet, though he doesn't fully admit it until episode 7 and 8. He holds nothing against the Capulet family, and only wishes for he and Juliet to be happy and safe.

Romeo's death final

Romeo's death

After having freed Juliet from Escalus, he faces Ophelia and, while managing to vanquish her, he is stabbed by one of Escalus's branches thus eventually resulting in Romeo's death .


Unlike his father, Romeo is a kind, caring, selfless, and humble man who is opposed to his father's cruelty and tyranny and shares many ideals with Juliet.

Despite his aristocratic life and upbringing, Romeo, at the beginning of the series, expressed interest in the daily lives of the common people. 

Romeo Montague


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