Portia Clemenzia de Ebe ( ポーシア ・クレメンシア ・エベ , Pōshia Kuremenshia Ebe ) is Romeo's mother and Leontes van de Montague's wife, making her a duchess, though she went away in a convent horrified by what her husband had done fourteen years ago.


She is a loving, caring mother for Romeo, but when she left her royal life, she couldn't contact Romeo
much. Romeo sometimes made time to pay a visit to his mother with Cielo (which he got from his mother as a present when she left.).


Lady Portia

Portia has blue medium length hair and blue eyes. She is described as wearing a simple green beaded circlet headband a large golden winged necklace, and a white dress with light green borders on her sleeves and neck area.

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