"Did you know why Petruchio was sent here? He stole a loaf of bread in order to feed his starving family. While you nobles feast upon your what-have-you and the Rose Ball, this is the other truth of Neo Verona."
Petruchio (ペトルーキオ Petorūkio) is a sickly young man who works in Gradisca Mines, having been sent there for stealing bread for his starving family. He was desperate to serve his sentence and return to Neo Verona because his younger siblings are still there.

Tragically, and despite Romeo's efforts, Petruchio dies from illness, albeit peacefully, after Romeo promises to give his siblings a ride on his dragon steed, which leaves Romeo visibly distraught.


Petruchio thinks lowly of the nobles, and when Romeo is first sent to the mines, he treats the lord with contempt, but after Romeo risks his own life to save the prisoner in an accident, they become close friends.

At the end...Edit

In the end of the series, it is Tybalt who finds Petruchio's brother and sister, and fufills his half-brother , Romeo's promise by taking the children for a ride on Cielo.

Petruchio's siblings
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