Leontes van de Montague
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Family Unknown Capulets nobleman (Father )

Unknown prostitute (Mother) Volumnia Capulet (First lover) Portia Clemenzia de Ebe (Second lover) Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet (First son) Romeo Candore De Montague (Second son)

Alias(es) Lord Montague
Kanji レオンテス・ヴァン・モンタギュー
Race Human
Gender Male
Age(s) 50
Hair color(s) Black
Eye color(s) Black
Occupation(s) Head of the Montague House
Affiliation(s) Montague
Allies Ophelia
Enemies Capulets
personalities cold, collected, merciless, ruthless, arrogant, power-hungry, merciless, vengeful
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Voiced by Kōji Ishii (Japanese)

Sean Hennigan (English,adult Leontes) Luci Christian (English,young Leontes)

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Leontes van de Montague (レオンテス・ヴァン・モンタギュー , Reontesu Vu~an Montagyū ) , also known as Lord Montague ( 主 ・モンタギュー , Omo Montagyū ) , was originally thought to be the main antagonist of Romeo X Juliet, before the true nature of Ophelia was revealed. He is the former husband of Lady Portia Clemenzia de Ebe and the father of Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet and Romeo Candore De Montague.


Leontes was born the son of a prostitute and a nobleman of House Capulet . As a boy, he was shown to have grown up in harsh conditions. Leontes' mother died while he was very young. In her dying words, she revealed to Leontes that he was the son of a nobleman of House Capulet and lamented that, in a better life, they may have lived as nobles. Upon hearing this, Leontes swore vengeance on the whole of House Capulet. After her death, Leontes was placed into the care of a member of House Montague, and from then on, he proceeded to poison and murder his way up the ladder of inheritance until he became the head of House Montague.

Later in his life at a ball, Leontes approached a daughter of House Capulet, Volumnia, and a bond of love grew between them. However, Leontes left the woman who would eventually become mother to Tybalt Volumnia De Capulet in favor of marrying Portia Clemenzia de Ebe, and together , they had a son named Romeo Candore De Montague. However, Portia would eventually leave him, after growing hateful of his tyrannical displays of power over the people.

Eventually, at the near end of the anime, it has revealed that he wanted to be loved, however, he made it so that he would receive fear from people instead. When this was revealed, Leontes showed some compassion towards his sons, Romeo and Tybalt. At that very moment Leontes attempted to surrender to Juliet; however, that resulted to his death when Mercutio slew him.


Lord Montague

Leontes is most strongly characterized by his strong hate of any mentioning of the House Capulet. He rules the people of Neo Verona with an iron will, executing the use of the Carabinieri to quell any rebellion among the people.

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