Juliet Fiammata Arst de Capulet ( ジュリエット  ・フィアンマータ・アルスト ・カプレット , Jurrietto Fianmāta Arusuto Kapuretto ) also known as Odin ( オーディン, Ōdin ) was once the daughter of the Capulet House, rulers of Neo Verona, but her world changed when the Montagues had overthrown her family. She now lives with a small group of rebels who plan to take Lord Montague down. Ordered to conceal her gender and avoid recognition, she takes the disguise of a young man named Odin. Juliet, however, can't stand to watch people get hurt by the Montagues, so she donnes a third personality, the Red Whirlwind ( レッド ・ 旋風 , Reddo Senpū ) who fights for the people of Neo Verona. She is the protagonist of the series.


In the opening episode, Juliet, disguised as the Red Whirlwind, notices a young girl being held by Carabinieri soldiers, as she is suspected of being the sole surviving member of the House of Capulets. Her family is pleading, insisting that she is just an ordinary girl but the soldiers refuse to let her go. Before they can take her to Lord Montague, however, the Red Whirlwind swoops down and frees her. This begins a wild street chase which drags Juliet's friends, Cordelia and Antonio, along. Not watching her step, she ends up on a broken bridge, which crumbles beneath them.


Juliet is saved by a young noble on his Dragon Steed. After this incident, she begins to question love, and ask the local playwright, William, about it. After, her friend Emilia asks Juliet, whom she thinks is the boy Odin, to come to the Rose Ball with her. Juliet goes, dressed as a girl for the first time in a long while, but she has strange memories about the main hall.

She runs outside to the fountain, where the noble who saved her earlier comes to greet her. He asks for her name, but before Juliet can reply, The young nobleman, named Romeo is called by his friend Benvolio and one of the rebels comes to take her back to their room in William's mansion. Using the Shakespeare family crest, Juliet returns to their room.

The next day is her sixteenth birthday. She fights with merchant Shylock's men to free the girls Shylock wanted to sell as payment for their parents debts to him and hopes to buy a noble crest. Curio helps Juliet and Antonio in their fight and "the Red Whirlwind" destroys the document that proves the Merchants claim on the maidens. Her wounds are treated and she changes when back home after a few words with Curio. After asking Cordelia where to find irises she goes to pick some and sees the nobleman Romeo again. He asks for her name and gives irises as a birthday present before Juliet has to leave. After her birthday celebration the Capulet retainers take Juliet to her family's grave and tell her the truth about her past and heritage.



Juliet's personality is more than a bit complicated. On one hand there is the impulsive tomboy ready to fight for justice and then a strong leader unable to bow to unjust power. Sometimes there is that sweet young girl that is feminine and elegant with the qualities of a lady, or that of a mother willing to take care of a sick child. She is unwilling to bow unjust power, and recklessly and impulsively becomes a rowdy, fiesty troublemaker. She fights the guards of Neo Verona not thinking about how her actions could affect others. On the other hand, she is a leader as she is willing to sacrifice herself for her people and to die in their place. She is unwilling to see them suffer and her sense of justice indicts Montague's rule as wrong. She personifies determination to help the poor and exudes kindness in her soul. This kindness, however, can also lead to impulsiveness as seen as when she's the Red Whirlwind. Though she matures and learns her actions do have consequences, she never completely outgrows her impulsiveness.

Juliet is a girl who lives her life to the fullest, is full of energy, and never shies from teasing her friends when the opportunity presents itself. She finds joy in the smaller things, such as receiving a white iris on her birthday. Ultimately, her dream is to spend life with her Romeo and bring peace to Neo Verona and its citizens. Though small gestures may bring happiness, she also struggles to let go of her woes and the weight of her birthright.

Juliet was 2 years old when her family was massacred, and she is 16 year old during the show.

She can be described as very beautiful slender girl with delicate features, pale skin, amber eyes and long auburn red hair.

Other IdentitiesEdit




As Odin, Juliet wears a wig that hides her long hair and she dresses in boy's clothing.

Red/Crimson WhirlwindEdit

The Red Whirlwind

Red Whirlwind.

Red Whirlwind is a hero to civilians of Neo Verona. Juliet, disguised as Odin, wears a black mask, red hat and a red cape which later gave her the nickname of "Red or Crimson Whirlwind".


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