Curio ( キュリオ , Kyurio ) is Francisco's counterpart. His entire family was killed by the Montagues, and he has sworn to have his revenge on them. Curio is almost always the one who bails The Red Whirlwind out of sticky situations. He is the one who shows her the world and opens her eyes to the true seriousness of their situations; if Juliet wants the winds of change to blow, she will have to be less reckless in her actions.

Character[edit | edit source]

Curio is a down-to-earth and serious man. He is a man of few words and decisive actions. Curio is dedicated to protecting Juliet with his life. Curio is also in love with Juliet, which Francisco often teases him about, despite being in love with her himself. (As seen in the series.)

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Curio is described as a strong, medium height man with brown spiky hair. His most notable traits is his vertical scar on his right eye that he received after defending a young Juliet from a Montague guardsman. He is mostly depicted wearing a high collared white short sleeved shirt, a dark grey vest with brown and black borders, black and grey fingerless gloves secured by black belts, grey pants, a black belt containing his dagger on his back, and green boots. During battle, he also wears spiked shoulder armour and carries a great axe.

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