Cordelia is the faithful servant of the Capulets and the sister of Francisco. Even after they have been wiped out, she still helps Juliet, which can be dangerous when the Red Whirlwind is involved.


Cordelia first appears in the first episode, where Juliet, on the run from Cabinieri guards, drags her into a street chase. As the bridge they run over collapses, Romeo and Benvolio on their Dragon Steed come to their rescue. After the incident, Juliet begins to ask about love, and Cordelia is surprised at this: Juliet has lived as a boy all her life; why would she start to love all of a sudden? And when she comes to know that the one whom Juliet loves is a noble, she persuades her to forget him.

Later while Benvolio is residing at the Capulet's House she trains him for all the works like cooking, laundry, etc. Just before Juliet starts the invasion, Cordelia gets married to Benvolio with the help of William.

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Cordelia is kind and motherly, and sees Juliet as her younger sister. She acts as a support for Juliet, being sympathetic and caring when it seems no-one else is. She is anxious for Juliet as the girl's feelings for her enemy grows, knowing that nothing good will come of their relationship.




Cordelia's role is cut down short in the manga, but she still plays an important role like the others.