"No! I'm not leaving what we have been sacrificing for fourteen years! No!"
—Conrad, while Neo Verona palace crumbles to the ground
Conrad ( コンラッド , Konraddo ) has been driven by a thirst for revenge against the Montagues, and has felt as if he was a failure for being unable to save the Capulets, except for one - Juliet . Now, his goal in life is to protect her and return the throne to her.

Conrad, and his two allies Francisco and Curio, came up with a plan to hide Juliet: if she dresses like a boy, no one will recognize her. They are staying in Willy's theater.


Conrad is wise, calm, and loyal. His goals are produced with care, and he will do whatever he can to bring these goals to life. He has dedicated his life to the act of restoring the Capulet's honour, and will not stop until he achieves it.

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