Benvolio de Fresco Baldi is Mayor Vitturio's son and Romeo's best friend. He is 17 years old and he later marries Cordelia.


Benvolio has tan brown hair and brown eyes. He is described as wearing a white shirt and a light green tunic with yellow and dark green borders secured with a brown belt, white pants and blue boots. When he married Cordelia, he wears a red hat, a white shirt and a red tunic with dark red borders with violet tassel golden buttons. That is secured with a belt and the same boots.


Benvolio is kind and tries to steer Romeo in a direction so he doesn't get in trouble with his father (Lord Montague).


Life As A Noble: As a result of his father's position, Benvolio was born a noble. Due to how close the two are, it can be assumed that he and Romeo grew up together before the anime began. At the beginning of the anime, he is seen a lot, out and about the city with his best friend.

The Assassination Attempt: When his father, Mayor Vitturio, opposed Prince Montague during a council meeting, Vitturio and his family were stripped of their nobility and forced out of the Noble's Quarters. After forcing them out, Montague orders an assassination attempt on the family. Thankfully, a mysterious informer alerts the Capulet supporters, who thwart the attempt with the help of Tybalt, earning the family's loyalty. Juliet lets one assassin go, ordering him to report to Montague that the family has been killed.

Afterwards, Benvolio and hs family go into hiding as to not be discovered by Montague. As to not raise suspicion, Benvolio lives with Curio, separate from his parents (who stay in a Capulet safe house). Curio allows Benvolio to stay with him during this period only after much convincing from Francisco, who says that having him is beneficial to their cause - if necessary, they could sacrifice Benvolio's life.

Life As A Commoner: Later in the series, Benvolio marries Cordelia and they have a baby together.

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