"Act 2- The Promise: A Scent Remembered"
Romeo and hermione
Romeo X Juliet

Romeo and Hermione stand before the citizens of Neo Verona.

Episode no.

Episode 2

Directed by

Fumitoshi Oizaki

Written by

Reiko Yoshida (screenplay) William Shakespeare (story)[1]]

English Staff:

J. Michael Tatum (eps 1-12, 17-20) R Bruce Elliott (8 episodes 'eps 13-16, 21-24')

Original air date Japan:April 11, 2007United States:April 28, 2010
Episode chronology
PreviousRomeo X Juliet Episode 1: Act 1- If They Did Not Meet Next"Love: Cruel Mischief"
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During the chance encounter with Juliet, Romeo is called away by his father Montague, who announces to those present at the ball that Romeo will be betrothed to the noblewoman Hermione. Juliet, unaware of the announcement, is escorted home by her guardians and once again expresses to them her frustration of dressing as a boy. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Juliet once again masquerades as the Red Whirlwind and, with her sidekick Antonio, rescues several young women who were taken away as collaterals until their families are able to repay their loans. Their rescue is successful, but Juliet is cut by a sword during the confrontation. While she is treated for her injury, the doctor reveals to her the increasingly oppressive rule of Montague. Juliet encounters Romeo again later in the afternoon at a field of white irises. Before parting, the two promise to meet again the following day at the same location. Juliet is taken by her guardians after her birthday celebration that evening to the Capulet family cemetery. There, Juliet's Capulet heritage is revealed, and former retainers of the family gather to swear allegiance to her.

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